3 Ways Drinking Establishments Contribute to Their Communities

By Alice Robertson Think about the last time you heard an ad on the radio for a local drinking establishment like Steel Wheel Tavern or Five 13 Liquor Lounge. Chances are, it wasn’t advertising a special brew or a new happy hour theme. Most of the time, when we hear about a drinking establishment, it’s… Continue reading 3 Ways Drinking Establishments Contribute to Their Communities

Victorian House For Sale In Morristown

A victorian house is for sale in Morristown and it could be yours! Address: 74 Mills St, Morristown, NJ Listing Description from redfin.com: This home has it all! The charm and detail of yesteryear and the modern conveniences of today. Beautiful three story 5 bedroom Victorian. Step onto the lemonade porch & enjoy the summer days.… Continue reading Victorian House For Sale In Morristown

Great Morristown Pumpkin Hunt Is Back

Calling all ghosts, vampires, goblins and witches: the Great Morristown Pumpkin Hunt is back for its return. The Great Morristown Pumpkin Hunt is a scavenger hunt. The hunt will take participants to historical sites, points of interest and businesses throughout town. Participants will receive a list of clues that leads them to different pumpkins. According… Continue reading Great Morristown Pumpkin Hunt Is Back

Apple Orchards Around Jersey

Have any plans for a fun time out? Here is a list of Apple Orchards around Jersey. Dr. Davie's Farm, Rockand, NYOuthouse Orchards, North Salem, NYMelick’s Town Farm, CalifonBonacorsi Family Farm, FlemingtonWightman Farms, MorristownParks Farms, ChesterBeemerville Orchard, WantageHillcrest Orchard & Dairy, BranchvilleDonaldson Farms, HackettstownMackey’s Orchard, Belvidere For more information, click here.

Upcoming Morristown Festival

newjerseyhills.com The Morristown Partnership will present the 26th annual Morristown Festival on the Green. This will include having partnerships with corporate sponsors, community partners and local businesses. The event will be at noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 3. According to newjserseyhills.com, the Morristown Partnership received a commitment of $100,000 from the Morris County… Continue reading Upcoming Morristown Festival

Two $50K Powerball Tickets Sold In NJ

Photo by Ru016bdolfs Klintsons on Pexels.com A pair of winning Powerball tickets priced at $50,000 a piece, were sold in New Jersey. According to dailyvoice.com, one ticket won a third-tier Powerball prize while the other won a third-tier Double Play prize. One of the tickets were purchased from Spirits Unlimited, 2 Route 37 West in Toms… Continue reading Two $50K Powerball Tickets Sold In NJ

Most Popular Coffee Shops In Morris

Photo by Viktoria Alipatova on Pexels.com Are you in need of a pick me up or your daily dose of coffee? Here is a list of the most popular coffee shops in the Morristown area. SmartWorld Coffee: 74 South St., MorristownSwiss Chalet Bakery: 159 South St., MorristownBoonton Coffee Co.: 516 Main St., Boonton

Man Reunites Woman Her Gold Class Ring Found Buried After Nearly 40 Years

Metal detecting enthusiast Brian Cox , found more than his usual pull tabs and bottle caps during a recent search session at an old sports field. He was intrigued to what he found. “I dug up a treasure — a 1983 class ring from Wardlaw+Hartridge school, made of 10 karat gold with a clear stone,” he said.… Continue reading Man Reunites Woman Her Gold Class Ring Found Buried After Nearly 40 Years