Best of the Best: @JockeyHollowBK

The NJ Monthly's annual list of the absolute best restaurants to eat in New Jersey. Congratulations Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen Chef Kevin Sippel, 39, oversees one of the most multi-faceted and ambitious restaurant under one roof in New Jersey. JHBK, as staffers call it, is actually three restaurants on three levels. All serve food… Continue reading Best of the Best: @JockeyHollowBK

Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen Named Best New Restaurant

The February issue of New Jersey Monthly names Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen one of the 20 Best New Restaurants in New Jersey. Here's what they have to say: The 1920 Vail mansion, with its long reflecting pool and august marble facade, had been vacant for many years when veteran New York restaurateur (and Mountain… Continue reading Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen Named Best New Restaurant