Morristown-Beard Requiring iPads for Students Next Year

Working as a group, are from left, seniors Kevin Brennan, Cerea Steficek and Jeff Carter. They use iPads, and pen and paper, to do calculations regarding magma chambers of volcano, and glacier melt and flow into Baker Lake. Seniors in a geosciences class use iPads to do a risk assessment for rain or snow-melt the area surrounding Mount Baker in Washington State. Students at Morristown Beard School use iPads in class during a pilot program. Next year, all students will be required to use them. (Photo courtesy of Daily Record)

Private school requiring students to buy Apple’s tablet computer

Daily Record

Parents of Morristown-Beard School students will not be buying calculators as part of their children’s September back-to-school supplies; they will be getting them iPads.

The private sixth-to-12th-grade school currently has 60 students and seven classes using the Apple tablets as part of a pilot program. It has done so well that school officials now want all of the approximately 540 students to use iPads in the classroom.

Read the full article in the Daily Record.

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