Former Yankees Star Tino Martinez Stops by Morristown Town Hall

Former Yankees star Tino Martinez, second from left, with Morristown Police Sgt. Matt Rawding, sports agent Tim O'Neill and Mayor Tim Dougherty. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
by Kevin Coughlin
Morristown Green

Former Yankees slugger Tino Martinez is confident the Yankees will snap out of their six-game skid and put it far behind them.

“It’s May, there’s a long way to go, and they have a lot of talent on that team. They should turn it around pretty quickly and have a pretty good year,” he said during a visit to Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty’s office on Tuesday.

Tino stopped by to deliver some memorabilia that will be raffled by the local PBA to benefit its survivors fund.

The retired first baseman lives in Tampa. But his agent, Tim O’Neill, is a Morristown guy.

So what about his pal Jorge Posada taking a mental health day over the weekend against Boston, which swept the Yankees?

“Like he said, he had a bad day,” Tino said. “He’s frustrated. But I think he’ll learn from it and turn the season around, and really try to do the best he can the rest of the year.”

Tino’s donated bats, balls and jerseys will be raffled on May 23 at the PBA’s annual golf tournament at Ballyowen Golf Course in Hamburg. Police Sgt. Matt Rawding said proceeds go towards death benefits for members of the police force.

These days, Tino does some promotional work for the Yankees. He said he’s glad he doesn’t have to travel all season as a player anymore.

See the article in the Morristown Green.

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