Cambridge Wines Opens In Morristown

via Cambridge Wines

cambridge wines

A few years ago, we (being David and Anthony) embarked on a vigorous, academic journey at Manhattan College, studying both finance and management.  As we bonded through our extensive restaurant backgrounds, we hoped to open a restaurant in the Morristown area because of its’ obvious potential.  After months of research, we came across something rather interesting; that being, a significant percentage of Morristown restaurants do not have a liquor license and are, in fact, a “bring your own bottle”.  On top of the preponderance of BYOBs in the area, we noted that there was one essential piece missing: a sophisticated liquor store where patrons could purchase wine, beer, and/or spirits before enjoying dinner in town.  Thus, Cambridge Wines came into fruition.  As a personal tribute, our business is named after the street we lived on in The Bronx during our college years: Cambridge Avenue.

Although we are a “store”, our love for the restaurant and hospitality industry could not (and would not) be dismissed or abandoned.  Our love for such industries is what marks our trade; we have dedicated a large portion of our store to classes, tastings, and clubs.  Thus, our store is not merely a store; it is infused with hospitality, character, and dedication to service.  The service here is unlike anything you have experienced in the area.  We are proud and persistent in pleasing you.

Yes, giving our customers excellent service is important; however what would service be without product?  At Cambridge Wines, we hand select and personally taste each and every product that enters our store.  Our product choices are based on quality rather than rating, as some of products yield under a 1,000 cases per year.

Undeniably, Morristown has transformed itself into an affluent city unlike any other. With restaurants and luxury apartments on every corner, we have purchased a “Wine- Mobile.”  Our wine mobile will help us cater to everyone’s needs with regard to wine, beer, and spirits.  From hand selected wine bottles and/or cases, to growlers of micro brew, we will deliver to any local BYOB restaurant. Better yet, stay in for dinner and relax, and we will deliver to your home in the Morristown area.

Based on defining factors such as hospitality, rarity, and dependability, Cambridge Wines offers a variety of wine and mixology classes; in addition to our beer and wine clubs, our weekly tastings feature wine makers and viticulturists from around the globe.

We are located adjacent to the Morristown train station.  Cambridge Wines has convenient and free retail parking. Please stop in.  Our doors are open, and we are eager to cater to your needs, wants and expand your palate.

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