Panic at the Mayo Performing at Morristown Onstage

The band Panic at the Mayo is set to compete at Morristown Onstage this week, which will be held virtually on March 10, 2021. If they win, the members will be the first group in the contest’s history to ever win without performing, or even rehearsing together.

In order to maintain safety, the event will be held online, meaning that dozens of music teachers will perform in pre-recorded videos. Each instrument, including vocals, horns, violins, guitar, bass and drums was recorded separately by band members at their homes or schools.

Frelinghuysen Middle School band teacher and  trumpeter in the ban, Tim Beadle mixed the audio for Panic at the Mayo. Erlenborn, who teaches choir, edited the videos together in addition to helping the choir with another video entry.

Morristown Onstage is a fundraiser for the Morris School District, where all the members of Panic at the Mayo teach. Panic at the Mayo will go up against 13 other acts for prize money and bragging rights. The show is open to amateur entertainers who live, work or attend schools in Greater Morristown, and to Morristown High grads. It’s organized by the Morris Educational Foundation.

Wednesday’s winners will also be invited to perform at the Mayo Performing Arts Center for Morristown Onstage 2022.

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