sets Morris on top!


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A recent “Top Ten” list on compares counties across the US to find the top ten.  Morris County came in at #6. Here’s what they had to say ….

“Another New Jersey locale, this place had some very strong stats across the board. It should be mentioned that the unemployment here was a little higher, at over seven percent, but the rest of the numbers certainly made up for it, plus that’s still very low unemployment.

This home to 492,694 had the sixth highest household income, a stunning $91,469, and the 16th lowest poverty, making it a good place live comfortably financially. Of course, if you’re looking to start a family or have children that need a solid education, you could do a lot worse. The high school graduation rate was over 93 percent, so prepare to gain a little in the smarts department if you decide to move here.”


3 thoughts on “ sets Morris on top!”

  1. Hi there! thanks for re-posting this article, I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 I would like it corrected, though, that my name is Laura Allan. It’s an easy and common mistake, no worries. Thank you.

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