Business Spotlight: Wightman’s Farms

2015-06-04_13-27-07“Locally grown, locally eaten, locally loved.”

For over eighty years the Wightman Family has been growing and selling fruits and vegetables at the farm.  In 1922, Albert Wightman and his wife, Laetitia, purchased the first of the land that was to become Wightman’s Farms.

Albert planted fruit trees and vegetables and drove through the nearby town of Morristown selling his harvests.  Gradually the customers began to come to the farm.  Even today longtime customers remember the days when the fruit and vegetables were sold from a table under the mulberry tree across the street from today’s market and cider mill.

Today, members of the third generation of the Wightman family along with close friends continue the tradition of selling the fruits and vegetables grown on the surrounding land.

In addition to fresh veggies and fruits, the farm store also offer dairy, bakery, flowers, deli items, Four Sisters Wine,  and other goodies.

Visit during the Fall season for hayrides, the pumpkin sling, and corn mazes!

Located at 1111 Mt. Kemble Avenue, Morristown, NJ 07960. Phone – (973) 425-9819

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