Morris Museum hosted its third annual nanoscience event

from_left_to_right_mhs_student_jan_franco_with_anya_ariel_sasha_and_levi-1489067938-425On Saturday March 4th, Morristown High School students taught young children about the wonders of the nano world and its latest science and technologies. They weren’t alone as their teacher, Mariel Kolker, managed and ensured that everything ran evenly. The students of Morristown High School brought their knowledge and information from their class to demonstrate the fascinating complexities of nanoscience.

These students are part of a new class at Morristown High School called Nanoscale Science & Engineering, in which they learn all about how materials and substances change their behavior when brought down to the nanoscale. Looking beyond the way materials behave at the macro (human) scale, they explore things like the effects of viscosity and movement at the molecular level, the behavior of materials at the nanoscale and how they react to light, forces, etc. Students applied what they learned as they developed and delivered kid-friendly exhibits for young children to explore at the Morris Museum.

This project was made possible by a generous grant from the Morris Educational Foundation.
For more information on these events contact

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