Charity Dog Run/Walk in Support of Eleventh Hour Rescue

29356320_1649810051800262_4425840592556330839_nJackRabbit teams up with Bubba Rose Biscuit Co. Morristown to help support Eleventh Hour Rescue with a Charity Dog Run/Walk. On April 8, 2018 at 12pm we will meet at Jackrabbit Morristown for a Mile Run/Walk to raise money for Eleventh Hour Rescue! Why is this only a mile?? Well we encourage everyone to bring there dogs!!! This is a dog friendly event!! We ask everyone to donate $10 and this will help Eleventh Hour Rescue continue to do the amazing work that they do!

Want more?? Well Bubba Rose Biscuit Co will be hosting an after party at their shop where you can stop in and pick up free treats for your dogs! A donation of $10 will enter you into a raffle where you can win free shoes,free gear, and a few more surprises! If you want more chances to win each raffle ticket will be an additional $5. These donations we ask to be CASH ONLY.

JackRabbit will have a footwear vendor on site so you can demo some new shoes during your walk/run! We encourage everyone to please attend this event! If you have a dog bring them! If not its okay! Come out anyway to support an amazing organization that needs our help! Please share this event! If you own a local business and want to get involved please reach out to Brian McKay. We are more than happy to partner with as many businesses as we can to help raise funds!

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