Morristown Takes In Pets Impacted By Alabama Tornadoes

After the deadly tornadoes hit Alabama, more than 50 animals traveled from Alabama to the Morristown Airport in search for some saving. With the hep of St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, more than 50 adoptable dogs and cats will find new homes.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society made the pets available before the storms, but the shelter needed to free up more room for stray animals and pets in need of emergent care – so the adoptable pets were flown into Morristown by the nonprofit Wings of Rescue.

Some of the evacuated animals will be ready for adoption in just a few days, while others will go to partner shelters which include the Delaware Humane Association and SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals.

“We know how difficult it can be when a disaster places an additional burden on local shelter services,” said Colleen Harrington, director of St. Hubert’s WayStation Program. “By taking in this group of adoptable pets, we know Birmingham Humane is better able to rescue, house and care for pets displaced by the recent tornadoes, and to reunite them with their local families.”

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