Morristown-based T-Shirt Company Goes Global

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SequentialT co-founder, Peter Kraft, has created a t-shirt company that sells customized T-shirts displaying a country flag of choice and a “multi-dimensional numbering system” that includes two numbers. A “macro” number counts how many people in the world have bought a SequentialT shirt, while a “micro” number represents where one stands within his or her shirt’s national flag. The idea came to Kraft as he thought about Delaware license plates. The plates are made in sequential order and the lower numbered plates are more prestigious. Kraft’s wife, Tracey Howe said, “The concept of SequentialT is to be able to connect with a larger group of people that you may never have thought you had anything in common with,” says Howe. For more information you can read the full story here and visit SequentialT

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