Morristown Memorial Hospital Testing Robotic Arm for Heart Procedures

Cardiac electrophysiologists Dr. Jonathan Sussman, left, and Dr. Tim Mahoney show the new Amigo catheter robot they are testing as part of a clinical trial at Morristown Memorial Hospital (Photo courtesy of Meghan Ryan and the Daily Record)
Dr. Timothy Mahoney, an electrophysiologist, says it took a little more than a minute to get used to controlling a new robotic arm to guide a heart catheter being tested in a clinical trial at Morristown Memorial Hospital.

Instead of maneuvering the catheter by hand, he used what he describes as a remote-control joystick. Mahoney had been told he wouldn’t have the same kind of tactile feedback he gets directing the catheter by hand. That was not a problem, he said.

Read more about the technological advances at Morristown Memorial Hospital from the Daily Record.

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