Roots Steakhouse is Open for Business

Roots Steakhouse - Photo courtesy of Morristown Patch
Usually, the opening of a new business is followed by a bit of press in order to drum up some buzz.

If your business is a highly-anticipated steakhouse in a brand-new luxury development right on the Green, your presence may create its own buzz.

Such appeared the case on Monday, Jan. 31, when, amidst cooks chopping vegetables, prepping recipes and other employees arranging this, organizing that, Roots Steakhouse was on the cusp of its “soft” launch at 5 p.m. Even though it was still around lunchtime, and no signage had been placed outside informing passersby that the restaurant was opening later that day, several hungry patrons had to be turned away.

“The buzz has been building for a long time,” said Grant Halliday, director of operations for Harvest Restaurants, the parent company of Roots Steakhouse and owner of seven other restaurants in the region, including the original Roots, in Summit. “We feel the steakhouse concept has a lot of staying power.”

Read more about the grand opening.

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