The Maple Sugar Fest is almost here!

MapleSugarCome to the Maple Sugar Festival on SaturdayMarch 2 from 12 Noon to 4 p.m. Excite your senses with maple syrup snow cones and taste tests. Take part in crafts, games, tree tapping demos, and more!

Join a “Hiking through Sugaring History” walk to see how sugaring has evolved since it started with the Native Americans.  The entire family is sure to enjoy this fun filled day of sugary sappy goodness.  Admission to the festival is $4 per person.

And check out the sugaring demos this winter! Because Waffles!

What’s not to love about pancakes, waffles, and French toast? Especially when topped with delicious sugary maple syrup! On select Saturdays and Sundays in January through March, watch the magic of maple tree tapping and discover how the sap turns into that delicious treat we pour over our favorite breakfast, all at the Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center in Chatham Township.  You can even taste test some syrup yourself!  Admission is $3 per person.

Find out more HERE!

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