“For Adults Only Nights” at Glassworks Studio Inc!

via The Daily Record

Stacey Schlosser, owner of Glassworks Studio Inc. in Morristown. / Karen Fucito/Special to the Daily Record

Stacey Schlosser is always amazed at the creativity she regularly sees in the customers who frequent her store, Glassworks Studio Inc. in Morristown.

“Even after 100,000 pieces of glass, people come up with their own ideas. It’s just amazing,” she said. “It shows we’re all unique. You know that, but I still find it thrilling. Every piece is unique, even if it starts out similar and that continues to be amazing to me. And I created the store for that reason.”

Wednesday nights are considered “For Adults Only Nights” from 5 to 10 p.m.

“You get 15 percent off your project price and it’s BYOB (bring your own bottle) all night,” Schlosser said. “It’s a chance for all the adults who want to do a project to work in a child-free environment.”

As customers arrive, they chose a project from the examples made by the store’s staff, all placed on shelves at the entrance. They can also work freestyle and design their own projects.

“The customer walks in and picks out a project. They pick the size, shape and design, but it all comes from the person,” artistic director Alison Slaff said. “We give you a clean, flat piece of glass, and you’re building your colors on the glass. It’s up to you what you want to do. There are lots of choices. It’s sometimes hard for customers to make up their minds because there are so many choices.”

Slaff said the studio does glass fusing.

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