@trapdoorescape – Bring. It. On!


via app.com – Let’s face it, folks: the world is a scary place. A bitterly contentious presidential race, ominous weather forecasts and so much more are giving plenty of us the chills on a seemingly daily basis.

But you know, not all scares are created equal. Sometimes a healthy jolt is just what we need to liven things up, so to speak. And fright can be a powerful unifier. After all, who isn’t made uneasy by the things that go bump in the night?

To be fair, escape rooms (attractions where teams of players have a finite amount of time to solve complex puzzles and free themselves from a dastardly trap) are not haunted houses, but the folks at the Trap Door Escape Room concoct some of the trickiest, scariest challenges that we’ve played to date.

And fortunately, they now have two locations in New Jersey currently showcasing incredibly seasonally-appropriate games. At the original location in Red Bank, players face off against the zombie uprising in “Cure Z.” The Morristown location now offers a theme perfect for this time of year: “Witch Hunt.”

Trap Door Escape Room, 34A Speedwell Ave., Morristown, $35, 732-741-5870, trapdoorescape.com.

Find more scary haunts at HERE.

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