Hometown Inspiration @TeamUSA @Ms_Hop_St3pps

Photo: Jane Havsy/Daily Record

Hometown Olympian inspires Morristown students

via Daily Record – When Christina Epps was growing up, she had her eye on the WNBA. Basketball was definitely her first love. But she tried out for the track team at Frelinghuysen School even though “I hated running,” and “I didn’t want to run, ever.”

Already a basketball and volleyball player, Epps became a jumper as a junior at Morristown High School. This summer, she was part of Team USA’s triple jump trio at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Wearing her United States warmup uniform, Epps spoke with elementary students at Alfred Vail and Alexander Hamilton Schools, as well as at Frelinghuysen on Friday. Epps stressed the importance of hard work and dedication, as well as good nutrition. She told the middle-school students “about my challenges, what a lack of hard work didn’t get me,” and encouraged the youngest kids to “get out and play.”


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