Morristown Is On The Move!

Morristown is on the move, specifically with luxury housing buyers and renters and in retail. Morristown is positioning itself to accommodate this influx of people who are buying and renting luxury housing units in the area with the addition of retail amenities that appeal to the Morristown population. Two of the most notable fast-selling accommodations are 40 Park on the Green and the Metropolitan at 40 Park. The 40 Park penthouses are more than 60% sold, while The Metropolitan and Highlands are 30% and 95% leased, respectively, in just a couple of months since their grand opening as our friends at report.

40 Park is also the home of the pedestrian-friendly Shops On The Green which have signed leases with Roots SteakHouse and AT&T, only the start of what proves to be a great growth of amenities. In the remaining space, Cushman & Wakefield have interest in health clubs, coffee shops, boutique clothing companies, book stores and high-end grocers.

This proves to be an exciting time of growth for Morristown.

For more information you can read the full story from here.

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